In March 2021 Trafford Council announced that the Walton Road area had been selected to receive funding from Transport for Greater Manchester to enable the creation of an Active Neighbourhood, described as “a place where the movement, health and safety of people is prioritised over cars.”

The project area is bounded by Sinderland Brook, the A56, Marsland Road and the Bridgewater Canal:

The project information page, available via, states that “by purposefully removing ‘rat running’ through traffic on some routes in your local area, we can reduce any negative impact of this on the local neighbourhood and put residents back at the centre of their communities.”

The following images show where ‘rat-running’ is currently possible:

These orange roads could also facilitate through-motoring, but they offer little advantage over other routes so don’t suffer as much as the red roads:

The green cul-de-sacs are already quiet streets, and although they don’t need any treatment we should be mindful that their residents may be asked to accept a slightly longer driving route to or from their own street, in order to prevent rat-running from blighting their neighbours’ streets:

All the above images in one animation:

These final images highlight three locations where modal filters (that prevent through-motoring) could be placed – at Langdale/Manley, Walton/Fairlands and Stanley Mount – and two locations where other types of intervention may be useful: if Langdale can’t be used as a rat-run its one-way section could be made two-way again; while the junction of Walton and Marsland requires more detailed consideration and treatment – the project could workshop some options.

This layout would create two short cul-de-sacs — at Langdale Road near the Pelican (highlighted in purple) and at Stanley Mount near the old Co-op (in cyan) — along with a central area (in green) that has access to/from Eastway and Homelands Road, then finally an area (in pink) accessed via Raglan Road with the potential for one- or two-way access to/from Marsland Road.

Further details available here.

Tameside recently installed some modal filters – take a minute to listen to this resident’s experiences:

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