Trafford Cycle Forum, 6:00-8.00pm, Tuesday 8th May 2018, Trafford Town Hall, M32 0TH


1. Welcome and Introductions
a. Update following May 2018 local election
2. Actions updates and approve minutes from last meeting
3. Creating safe space for cycling
a. Trafford’s Road Maintenance Schemes TBC
b. Transforming Cities Fund – £160m for Made to Move TBC
c. Amey / Trafford current schemes (including Mersey Valley & TPT) PB/ST
4. Cycling Strategies
a. Trafford’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) CTR
b. Trafford/GMCA Made to Move network planning workshop CL/TJ
c. Next steps for GMCA Made to Move TBC
d. Next steps for Trafford’s cycling network and strategy Amey/Trafford
5. Complementary Measures
a. Trafford Moving MN
b. Made2Move4Macmillan at MediaCityUK on Friday June 15 Dom Slade
c. Big Bike Revival MN
6. Open Forum / A.O.B.
a. Pomona permeability RR
b. Site-wide, multi-company BUGs (MCUK, Altrincham, Trafford City) DJ
c. Cycle-Rail Forum for the North, June 13 from noon at Irlam Station JF
d. Carrington old rail line and future transport network JF/MN
e. Walking All to discuss
➢ Please suggest major items in advance, or raise minor items during the forum
7. Date and Location of Next Meeting(s)
a. Forum: Monday 16th July , 6-8pm at Trafford Town Hall (please note new date)
b. Forum: Wednesday 17th October, 6-8pm at Trafford Town Hall
c. Social and Technical meeting dates TBC