A technical meeting will consider the Highways England Mersey Valley Schemes on:
Tuesday 20th February from 6-8pm at Trafford Town Hall, M32 0TH

We shared our priorities map with the designers (click to enlarge):

The designers responded with:

Priority, colour, description: Amey response
0 Green Already programmed by Amey / Trafford Already completed. Our proposals only include cut back vegetation
1 Dk Blue TPT Stretford-Chorlton (Hawthorn Lane then Chorlton Brook) Following feasibility investigation works this section falls within our Sale Water Park Proposals Scheme 2 & 3. It is our recommendation that this is the preferred route. Including the section marked as A on plan. We have recommended this is the preferred route as opposed to along the northern embankment of River Mersey.
2 Lt Blue Stretford-Urmston Link (alongside the M60, to NE of J8) Captured within our Urmston Link Scheme No. 7
3 Purple TPT Ashton (Northern Riverbank) Captured within our Carrington Spur Scheme No. 6
4 RedBox Slope on Trafford side of Jacksons bridge Ramp options have been developed.
5 BoldPink Dane-Hawthorn (Priory-SWP-M32) The proposed route is along the existing path with car park facility. This is included within our Dane Road Access & scheme No: 1 & Bridgewater Canal Scheme No: 4.
6 RedLine Hardy-Rifle (+Jacksons Bridge widening) Bridge options are being considered. Hardy – Rifle Road is outside the current scheme scope.
7 PalePink Cycling Leisure Loop (SWP-Metro-Hawthorn-Brook-Hardy) Not within our current scheme scope.
8 Brown Jogging Leisure Loop (River x2 from JB-Barfoot) Part of our Mersey Sale Water Park Scheme No.s 6 & 7. However, please note the northern section shown as B will not exist as we are re-routing along section shown as A on plan. This following consultations with EA confirming that section is prone to flooding and the existing narrow embankment would require significant alteration works to make a suitable facility. In addition the egress from the bank would be difficult as it is within close proximity to a weir.

We have requested drawings for these proposed schemes and will circulate if/when they arrive.

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  • Greg

    Does the Amey response to the Green routes mean that they have/will only cut back vegetation?
    I thought at previous quarterly meetings it was discussed that they were looking to remove the redundant ironwork/barriers from the route between Urmston and Ashton.

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